Course Programme-Training Outcomes

Office and Business Professionals to day need to ensure that their computer skills cover all commonly used programs. MS Excel is used extensively in companies around the world, yet it is often perceived as daunting due to the number of features, shortcuts and formula either.

Skills Excel training  has developed this intensive training course to provide Office and Business Professionals with away to refine their spreadsheet skills and get the most out of MS Excel, allowing them to quickly and efficiently create and automate spreadsheets to provide key information for themselves and their managers.

This powerful course will assist delegates with quicker management of data, easier setting up and formatting of spread sheets and more efficiency

Through the use of Macro’s.

Revisiting the Basics – Hints you are Guaranteed not to Know

  • Smart ways of setting up your spreadsheets
  • Simple hints and tips about general operations such as formatting ,sizing, pagination ,printing and editing

Auto-filling and Auto-summing – Tricks of the Trade

  • Exceptionally good tips on practical uses for these powerful features
  • In addition: An exercise provided on disk, designed to boost your use of these features forever

Microsoft Excel Function – Construction without the Sweat

  • Accessing some of Excel’s hundreds of automated functions
  • Removing the pain and increasing the gain

Multiple Worksheets and Workbooks

  • Without exception, delegates end this session mourning all the time they could have saved!

Power Tools – Goal seek, Solver and Scenarios

  • All the things you thought would be covered in an advanced course taught here and provided on disk

Sorting, Subtotalling, Pivot Tables and Filters

  • The Golden Rules for data input
  • Grouping and outlining data
  • Conducting Sorts and customising Filters
  • Using a PivotTable to extract key data


Linking with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Power Point and Other Applications

  • Integrating data between programs to save re-typing.
  • Paste linking and dynamic updating of data


Graphically Demonstrating Using Charts

  • When a Chart is worth a thousand words
  • Creating Charts quickly
  • Adding and extracting data on the trot


Macros – Microsoft Excel on Steroids

  • Recording and using Macros–The best way to save time and complete repetitive functions
  • Common Macros that will save you time


Customising Microsoft Excel for your Own Needs

  • Create your own toolbar, styles and templates

Add Macro Buttons and others functions

About the Course      : Intermediate Excel

This hands-on training course has been specifically designed to assist you in simplifying and speeding up the tasks you perform with MS Excel every day. Injust4 days,you will discover how to refine and improve the spreadsheets that  you work with to get the most out of MS Excel and save loads of time. Take this opportunity to learn easy ways to create and automate spreadsheets–which will result in you being able to source and provide key information for yourself and your manager.

This hands-on MS-Excel for Office Professionals course will show, step-by-step, some practical ways to work with spreadsheets, sort data, insert tables and design macros and much more–all of which will save you time while increasing the quality and us ability of the information you are preparing.

What can you expect to Learn

  • Learning the A to Z guide to creating worksheets from start to finish to give you the added touch of professionalism and style
  • Getting to grips with the latest tips and techniques to upgrade and refine your Excel skills Taking control of your work quality by learning how to create your own templates, toolbars and styles
  • Becoming a Whiz with Auto-filling ,Auto-summing and other time saving functions to increase efficiency in the office with less stress
  • Confidently being able to use and manipulate Excel functions to your advantage, cutting out unnecessary stress and confusion
  • Getting Smart with setting up your own Shortcuts and learn how to create multiple linked auto-updating worksheets to make your office day simpler and more structured than ever before
  • Getting ahead by learning how to use Advanced Power Tools to manipulated at a more accurately at a quicker pace
  • Managing and organising your data more effectively by understanding the ins and outs of Sorting, Subtotalling ,Pivot tables and Filtering
  • Interlinking your data with Word, PowerPoint and other powerful applications to speed up and share data without re-typing every time
  • Unlocking the secret to successful reporting using Macros that utilise your time effectively
  • Creating a visual impact by drawing up charts and graphs with creative flair and professionalism to compliment data

Who should attend?

Previous delegates include: Secretaries, Executive Assistants, Personal Assistants, Administrative Assistants, Marketing Assistants, and Sales Assistant.